Request a DNS Change for Offsite Hosting

Only Berkeley employees may fill out the Offsite Hosting Form, and only the appropriate Berkeley employee can serve as Resource Proprietor (see below).

Fill out IT Policy's offsite hosting form to request that your domain name be pointed to your Pantheon site:

Details for each field

General Info

  • Hostname: "" You can enter multiple domains.
  • Host Name in use: ("yes" if domain name is in use already, "no" if new domain name).
  • Off-Site IP Address: leave blank.
  • Security Contact Email: Your department or its IT support provider should have registered a security contact. Enter the email address here.
  • Site Purpose. Describe the site purpose and significant features.
  • Offsite Service: "Pantheon"

Additional DNS Instructions

Getting this part correct is critical to a smooth launch of your site!

Here are the main options for DNS configuration for your Pantheon site. (The CNAME option is the most common.)

  • Use a CNAME.
    • Visit the Live tab on your Pantheon dashboard.
      • Choose Domains/HTTPS and click Connect Domain
      • Enter your production domain e.g.
      • Click the details link to the right of your new domain and copy the hostname in the CNAME column. This will be something like ''
    • Enter the following in the Additonal DNS Instructions text box:
    • "This should be a CNAME to". (Paste in the hostname that you copied above.)
  • If you can't use a CNAME for specific reasons (i.e., if your domain has dependent sub-domains or MX targets; see Configuring DNS for your Live Website), use an A record. This is generally not recommended, but is doable. See Pantheon A Record Best Practices.
  • If you have a specific launch date in mind (a specific day when the changes should be effective in the campus DNS), you can ask for it in the "Additional DNS Instructions" box as well.
    • Please note that you should plan ahead if you have a specific launch date in mind. Asking for a very quick turnaround (e.g., submitting the Offsite Hosting Form and asking for the DNS cutover to happen the next day) will not work, as it won't give IT Policy and Hostmaster enough time to process your submission.

Requesting Group / Usage

  • Relationship to UCB: Choose the appropriate relationship. If you choose Student group or Other, enter the name of the group.
    • Sponsoring Department: Choose the unit that is taking responsibility for the website. In most cases this will be the unit that the site is for. If the site is for a campus department/unit that doesn't have its own entry in the list, contact them and ask them to identify a unit to be the sponsor. See the next field as well.
    • Name of requesting group: Enter the name of the group that owns the website.

Sensitive Data Classification

Sites on Pantheon cannot include restricted data. A breakdown of the Data Classification Levels can be found on the Security website. Open Berkeley websites (and all other sites hosted on Pantheon) can only host data classified as "Protection Level 0".

Resource Proprietor

IT Policy requests that the Resource Proprietor is a "Berkeley Campus Administrative Official (e.g. Dean, Director, PI, MSO, or other responsible individual to whom financial, administrative or management responsibilities for your area have been delegated) to sponsor your activity."

Look up your Resource Proprietor from the area in the Offsite Hosting Form. If their entry is missing or disabled, you will need to find another person in the department who can take on this role. An email will be sent from IT Policy to the Resource Proprietor requesting approval. If the site needs to go live as soon as possible, make sure this is someone who will respond promptly to the email from IT Policy.


Once IT Policy approves, they pass on your request to the campus Hostmaster. You will receive an email from Hostmaster confirming your launch time. If not otherwise specified, the launch time will happen with the next available DNS cutover. You can also specify an exact date in your Offsite Hosting Form submission (see above in "Additional DNS Instructions").

Hostmaster may have some questions before the DNS change can occur. See Special topics for Pantheon sites for information on possible DNS issues.

If you already have Off-Campus Hosting

If your site already has off-campus hosting that was approved via the offsite hosting form, you can't submit it again or edit your original submission. In that case, you have to email IT Policy directly at to update your request. For better service, include all the information you would have if you'd filled out the form. Once the request is approved, the process will continue as above with IT Policy forwarding your request to Hostmaster.