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Launch Your Pantheon Site

How to Launch a UC Berkeley Site on Pantheon Make sure your latest code and content is pushed to your live environment Provide Web Platform Services with a chartstring and hosting details by filling out the Upgrade to Paid Plan form Register your domain for CalNet authentication Request a DNS change for your domain(s) by filling...

Request a DNS Change for Offsite Hosting

How to Fill Out the Offsite Hosting Form

In order for your domain (URL) to work on your Pantheon site, will need to request to add a new "hostname" (domain/URL) via NetReg's Offsite Hostnames interface:

After logging in and selecting the proper security contact from the dropdown, navigate to "Offsite Hostnames" in the left sidebar menu, and select "Add Offsite Hostname."

What to Put in Each Field Offsite Hostname: "

Hosting Your Site on Pantheon

This guide is for self-service website builders/developers who are administering their own sites or are working with outside vendors. The site owner must be a Berkeley employee; sites must be created by a Berkeley employee with a email address, and sites must be hosted at a domain in order to be billed via campus...