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Hosting Your Site on Pantheon

This guide is for self-service website builders/developers who are administering their own sites or are working with outside vendors. The site owner must be a Berkeley employee; sites must be created by a Berkeley employee with a email address, and sites must be hosted at a domain in order to be billed via campus...

Request a DNS Change for Offsite Hosting

How to Request a DNS (Domain Name System) Change for a Site Hosted on Pantheon

In order for your domain (URL) to work on your Pantheon site, you will need to request to add a new "hostname" (domain/URL) via the Socreg application:

Before requesting a new offsite hostname, you will need to complete the process to be registered as a "Security Contact" if you have not already done so. Offsite hostnames can be requested via Socreg's "New Offsite Hostname" form.


Launch Your Pantheon Site

How to Launch a UC Berkeley Site on Pantheon Make sure your latest code and content is pushed to your live environment Provide Web Platform Services with a chartstring and hosting details by filling out the Upgrade to Paid Plan form Register your domain for CalNet authentication Request a DNS change for your domain(s) by filling...