Submit the "Upgrade to Paid Plan" Form

Form: Upgrade to Paid Pantheon Plan

  • Enter in all the appropriate details.
  • Agree to form questions.
  • Enter the URL of your development environment. It will be in the form
  • Enter your chosen domain name (should be in the form, not
  • If you will point more than one domain name to the same site, list them all and indicate which is the primary domain.
  • You will need to get billing contact and chartstring from your department manager before submitting the form.

If not ready to point DNS, do not fill out the Socreg Offsite Hostname form yet. Instead, leave the answer as "No" and put a note in the comment like, "We will fill out offsite hosting when we are ready to point DNS."

After receiving your submission, Web Platform Services will verify the billing chartstring, enable the hosting plan you specified, and verify ownership of the site. You will receive an email from Web Platform Services when your site has been upgraded to a paid plan on Pantheon.

After the site is upgraded to a paid hosting plan, you can enable backup scheduling and add domains to the dashboard.