Launching a Site

Live Environment and Domains

Make sure your latest code and content is in the live environment

Use the Pantheon dashboard tools to ensure your live environment is ready to launch, with your latest code and content. Have your stakeholders review the site content before launch. If a third-party vendor developed your site, make sure that you or a member of your department is the official Owner of the site on the Pantheon dashboard.

Pantheon help page: Launch Essentials Add All Domains on your Site Dashboard

Add your production domain(s) to your...

Request a DNS Change for Offsite Hosting

How to Request a DNS (Domain Name System) Change for a Site Hosted on Pantheon

In order for your domain (URL) to work on your Pantheon site, you will need to request to add a new "hostname" (domain/URL) via the Socreg application:

Before requesting a new offsite hostname, you will need to complete the process to be registered as a "Security Contact" if you have not already done so. Offsite hostnames can be requested via Socreg's "New Offsite Hostname" form.


Submit the "Upgrade to Paid Plan" Form

Form: Upgrade to Paid Pantheon Plan

Enter in all the appropriate details. Agree to form questions. Enter the URL of your development environment. It will be in the form Enter your chosen domain name (should be in the form, not If you will point more than one domain name to the same site, list them all and indicate which is the primary domain. You will need to get billing contact...

Launch Your Pantheon Site

How to Launch a UC Berkeley Site on Pantheon Make sure your latest code and content is pushed to your live environment Provide Web Platform Services with a chartstring and hosting details by filling out the Upgrade to Paid Plan form Register your domain for CalNet authentication Request a DNS change for your domain(s) by filling...

Register for CalNet authentication

CAS Registration is no longer required for the majority of sites hosted on Pantheon. The only time you need to do a CAS registration is if:

You need to support non-standard CAS Authorizations. View the standard authorizations on the CalNet site. Your application needs non-standard CAS attributes. The standard set is uid, berkeleyEduAffiliations, berkeleyEduIsMemberOf...

When Your Site Actually Goes Live

Your site becomes live when the DNS updates that you requested from the DNS Administrator go into effect, and your hostname(s) have been added to your Pantheon site dashboard. The DNS Administrator can schedule DNS updates upon request.

When you initially add your hostname(s) to your Pantheon site dashboard, and once the DNS changes go into effect, it can take up to one hour for the hostname(s) to finish HTTPS provisioning on Pantheon's Global CDN.

Once the updates are implemented, visiting your live hostname ( from...

Add Domain Normalization Code to settings.php (Drupal)

See Redirecting Multiple Domains to the same Pantheon Drupal site to normalize your urls. For SEO reasons, you only want your site to be available at one URL. You want the url to redirect to your standard URL.

Also, you'll want to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. See Pantheon's documentation:...