Live Environment and Domains

Make sure your latest code and content is in the live environment

Use the Pantheon dashboard tools to ensure your live environment is ready to launch, with your latest code and content. Have your stakeholders review the site content before launch. If a third-party vendor developed your site, make sure that you or a member of your department is the official Owner of the site on the Pantheon dashboard.

Add All Domains on your Site Dashboard

Add your production domain(s) to your live Pantheon environment. See the linked Pantheon help page below for instructions.

If you would like to use the "www" version of your domain as well, you will need to both include it in your Offsite Hosting form submission and add it to the Pantheon dashboard.

You should also redirect all of your domains so that your site will always show the same domain in the address bar. This will help with search engine optimization. See Redirecting multiple domains to the same Pantheon site in Special topics for Pantheon sites.