Offsite Hosting/DNS

Launch Your Pantheon Site

Launching a UC Berkeley site on Pantheon requires these steps:

Request a DNS Change for Offsite Hosting

Fill out IT Policy's offsite hosting form to request that your domain name be pointed to your Pantheon site:

Redirecting Multiple Domains to the same Pantheon Drupal site

Many websites are available at more than one domain. If you want to point multiple domains to your Pantheon site, we recommend choosing one primary domain and redirecting the rest to it. This will improve your search engine rankings, as Google et al. penalize you for duplicate content at different addresses.

Live Environment and Domains

Make sure your latest code and content is in the live environment

Use the Pantheon dashboard tools to ensure your live environment is ready to launch, with your latest code and content. Have your stakeholders review the site content before launch. If a third-party vendor developed your site, make sure that you or a member of your department is the official Owner of the site on the Pantheon dashboard.

Configuring DNS for your Live Website

CNAME vs. A Record

For most sites, creating a CNAME is not an issue. In a few cases, it is not possible for a website to use a CNAME. Some examples are if you are running a mail server at that domain or if you have subdomains of that domain. If you think this might be the case, please check with your department IT staff. Otherwise, Hostmaster will notify you if there are any problems when you submit your offsite hosting request.

When Your Site Actually Goes Live

Your site becomes live when the DNS updates that you requested from Hostmaster go into effect. Hostmaster can schedule DNS updates upon request.

Once the updates are implemented, visiting your live hostname ( from within the UC Berkeley campus network should take you to your new site.