Live Environment and Domains

Make sure your latest code and content is in the live environment

Use the Pantheon dashboard tools to ensure your live environment is ready to launch, with your latest code and content. Have your stakeholders review the site content before launch. If a third-party vendor developed your site, make sure that you or a member of your department is the official Owner of the site on the Pantheon dashboard.

Pantheon help page: Launch Essentials Add All Domains on your Site Dashboard

Add your production domain(s) to your...

Request a DNS Change for Offsite Hosting

How to Request a DNS (Domain Name System) Change for a Site Hosted on Pantheon

In order for your domain (URL) to work on your Pantheon site, you will need to request to add a new "hostname" (domain/URL) via the Socreg application:

Before requesting a new offsite hostname, you will need to complete the process to be registered as a "Security Contact" if you have not already done so. Offsite hostnames can be requested via Socreg's "New Offsite Hostname" form.


Launch Your Pantheon Site

How to Launch a UC Berkeley Site on Pantheon Make sure your latest code and content is pushed to your live environment Provide Web Platform Services with a chartstring and hosting details by filling out the Upgrade to Paid Plan form Register your domain for CalNet authentication Request a DNS change for your domain(s) by filling...

Moving your Domain from one Pantheon Site to Another

If you plan to move any production domains (hostnames/URLs) to a different site that is also hosted on Pantheon, here is the recommended workflow.

Step 1: Upgrade to a Paid Plan and Contact DNS Administrator

If you are moving a domain from one Pantheon site to another:

You do not need to register for CalNet or fill out the...

Add Domain Normalization Code to settings.php (Drupal)

See Redirecting Multiple Domains to the same Pantheon Drupal site to normalize your urls. For SEO reasons, you only want your site to be available at one URL. You want the url to redirect to your standard URL.

Also, you'll want to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. See Pantheon's documentation:...

Redirecting a Domain to a Sub-Site of an Existing Pantheon Drupal site

If you have a domain that you want to point to a subdirectory of another Pantheon site - for example, if you have an existing site at and want to serve it instead from - this can be done on Pantheon.

Pantheon help pages: Domains and Redirects

Redirecting Multiple Domains to the same Pantheon Drupal site

Many websites are available at more than one domain. If you want to point multiple domains to your Pantheon site, we recommend choosing one primary domain and redirecting the rest to it. This will improve your search engine rankings, as Google et al. penalize you for duplicate content at different addresses.

Pantheon help page: Domains and Redirects