Recommended Workflow

Recommended: Use Git

If you're comfortable with Git, we recommend that you keep your site in Git mode all the time and use it to keep your modules, plugins, and themes up to date. If you are not using Git, you will need to use SFTP or the Drupal or WordPress web interface to update non-core code.

Pantheon help page: Starting with Git

Alternative: SFTP workflow


Updating Drupal or WordPress Core

When a Drupal/WordPress core update is available, it will appear on your Pantheon dashboard in the development environment. At times there will be other code updates such as changes to Pantheon-supplied enhancements. If you installed starting with a distribution, you may also see distribution updates on the dashboard. See Recommended Workflow.

Pantheon help page:...

Working within Security Restrictions on your Computer

Site managers who work in highly-sensitive campus units may not be able to connect via Git, SSH, drush, or SFTP to outside services due to security restrictions. Pantheon is unable to provide fixed IP addresses, so it is not possible to add firewall exceptions for individual sites.

Other site managers may not be able to install the required software clients on their computers.

In either case, you can still accomplish the most common development tasks using the Pantheon dashboard and the Drupal site interface in your browser....

Email from your Site

Both CalMail and bMail may block email messages originating from sites hosted on Pantheon. This is because Pantheon does not run a mail server, instead using a free SMTP service. CalMail and bMail will mark it as spam and block it even before it reaches the recipient's spam folder. Other mail providers may accept it.

If you need your site to send email to email addresses, install and configure the SMTP module.


Updating Modules and Themes

When you receive notification that an update is available, you will need to apply security updates to the applicable modules and themes as soon as possible. See Recommended Workflow.

Pantheon help pages:

Starting with Git ...

Drupal Security Update Notifications

The site technical contact should subscribe to the Drupal security notifications list. You can receive notifications via email, RSS, and/or Twitter.

To receive email notifications: Create an account on or log in to your existing account On your account page, click Edit, then click My Newsletters. Check the box labeled Security announcements and save your settings.

Security announcements for Drupal core and contributed modules and themes are sent weekly, or as necessary for highly critical updates.

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