Collaborators & External Vendors

Get Started with Pantheon


To get your free account, go to

IMPORTANT: You must be a Berkeley employee using a email address (e.g. when you register. Email addresses using subdomains of, (e.g., and external emails not at a will not work. Signing up...

Add Collaborators

Once you have spun up a new site, you can add more people to the site's dashboard. Use the person's email address if possible. If the person has not already signed up at Pantheon, Pantheon will send an email inviting them to join.

Anyone you add to the site dashboard will be added as a Team Member and be able to perform operations on the site via the Pantheon dashboard.

If you are working with a third-party vendor to develop your site, the third-party vendor can be added as Team Members, but your department is still responsible for all activity on your Pantheon...

Giving Vendors and Collaborators Access to Your Site

Web Platform Services strongly recommends using CalNet authentication for all sites. If you are working with a third-party vendor or collaborator who needs to be able to log in to your site, they can get an Affiliate or Guest account. Once the account is set up, they will be able to log in using CalNet authentication.

Unpaid collaborators qualify for Guest accounts. See CalNet Guest Accounts for more information. Any UC Berkeley employee can sponsor a guest account...