CalNet Authentication

Register for CalNet authentication

CAS Registration is no longer required for the majority of sites hosted on Pantheon. The only time you need to do a CAS registration is if:

You need to support non-standard CAS Authorizations. View the standard authorizations on the CalNet site. Your application needs non-standard CAS attributes. The standard set is uid, berkeleyEduAffiliations, berkeleyEduIsMemberOf...

Use CalNet Authentication for UC Berkeley sites

We strongly recommend using CalNet authentication for all UC Berkeley sites. It is more secure than standard authentication.

We have preregistered ALL UC Berkeley Pantheon development and test URLs with the CalNet admin team. It is not necessary to register individual dev and test sites. We have also preregistered ALL live environments using their URLs. You still have to register your actual production domain (in the form with CalNet before you launch.

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