2024 changes to Pantheon DIY hosting rates

April 5, 2024

Beginning November 1, 2024, Pantheon rates for “DIY” (Do-it-Yourself) Drupal and WordPress websites will be increasing as a result of a Pantheon increase:

Table: Updated Pantheon monthly rates
Hosting plan

Old rate through 10/31/2024

New rate effective 11/1/2024

Basic $41 $42
Performance Small $101 $107
Performance Medium $165 $175
Performance Large $309 $329
Performance X-Large $502 $536

Campus teams using Pantheon for DIY websites will start paying the new rates beginning in November 2024, which will show up in December billing records.

*About Pantheon and Site Traffic Limits

Pantheon is a third-party hosting provider for “DIY” (Do-it-Yourself) Drupal and WordPress websites. Beginning April 1, 2021, Pantheon began enforcing traffic limits for their hosting plans, which may result in increased costs for sites with high traffic (number of site visits). Sites exceeding the traffic limits associated with their hosting plan may be automatically upgraded by Pantheon to a higher, more expensive hosting plan. In order to use a Berkeley.edu domain, campus sites must be created within the UC Berkeley organization on Pantheon and follow applicable Guidelines for Berkeley.edu Websites.

Questions & Resources

If you have any questions about Pantheon’s rate increases and policy changes, please email web-platform@berkeley.edu. The current hosting rates for UC Berkeley websites are published on the Drupal and WordPress Sites on Pantheon webpage, and the rates will be updated after 11/1.

Campus websites on Pantheon must be secure, accessible, and follow privacy and other policy guidelines:

  • Security: Websites must be kept up-to-date on security patches (both the core updates provided by Pantheon’s upstreams, and contributed modules/plugins).
  • Accessibility: Websites must be accessible to people with disabilities and meet the campus deadlines outlined on the Digital Accessibility Program website, as required by the current DOJ Consent Decree [PDF]. See Website Owner Responsibilities for more information.
  • Privacy: Websites must include a “Privacy Statement” web page that needs to be specific to how you are handling data on your website. For help drafting a website privacy statement that is specific to your website's data collection practices, please consult the Information Security Office's "How to Write an Effective Privacy Statement" page. As a reminder, UC Berkeley campus websites should not be collecting personally identifiable information. Contact the Campus Privacy Office if you need to discuss your privacy considerations.